“WORDS LEAD TO ACTIONS, ACTIONS LEAD TO HABITS, HABITS BUILD CHARACTER, CHARACTER DEFINES DESTINY” May our collective words, actions, habits and characteristics define a better destiny for everyone in the world.

What we do

The Legacy Dialogues is an organization dedicated to providing programs and tools unlocking the great potential of people’s determination to turn good will into practice. Our members are people, businesses, family foundations, and non-profits who want to engage in conversations and activities that have a positive impact on them and on those they influence. We believe that a philanthropic life is the most effective way to achieve fulfillment and make impactful change in the world.

With Love for Humanity
Marcel V. Quiroga

Owning your legacy

means knowing who you are, what your purpose and values are, and what it is you aspire to accomplish that will make a difference. To own your legacy, whether you are a business, a family, or an individual, identifying where you come from, where you are today, and where you want to be is the place to start. This requires a discovery process that will lay the foundation on which you will build a legacy worth living.

Creating your legacy

is our way of saying that things don’t just happen without an action plan. The Legacy Dialogues toolkit provides the resources you need to create your living legacy plan! Many times, we want to jump in and get things started to make our dreams or business goals a reality. That is great but it is not enough! Remember, no one plans to fail, but many people fail to plan.

Living your legacy

means taking action, with your purpose in mind, for making a difference in the lives of others – from family and friends to employees and clients. Many people and businesses dream big but don’t act on their dreams. We’ve designed a system to help you achieve the workstyle and lifestyle you envision for effecting change. We believe that being empowered to do meaningful actions, grand or small, is what people and businesses need to do for a better world.

Our programs

All of our programs begin with thought-provoking, stimulating, and transformative dialogues that will help members have a legacy worth living for. Like all good dialogues, they are engaging, stretch our minds, and question the status quo, and most importantly, they lead to action. Our network of engaged ambassadors for change, our dialogues and tools create a solid platform that guides and support you in achieving a philanthropic life.

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Becoming a member of The Legacy Dialogues is the first step to start having a legacy worth living for. Members become part of a community of people who have started their journey towards a philanthropic life. As a member you will have access to curated content, and to our programs and events.

Upcoming events

November 7, 2019

The Legacy Dialogues is pleased to announce the launch of TLD Women: Dialogues for increased well-being that leads to self-fulfillment

This fall TLD Women will present the first in a series of dialogues for women. TLD Women creates a safe space for dialogues about experiences women face as they grow older and wiser. The program is designed to be a journey of self-discovery that helps women feel well and do good. This is an invitation-only event. If you are interested in TLD Women or other TLD programs, please contact us.

“ After the event the girls told me they felt heard, supported and learned a lot from the women in the group. They asked to continue the conversation. And I would say not a women left on that Friday night without giving serious thought to the challenging and difficult situations our girls face today. And I don’t say this lightly but the universe shifted that day – You can’t engage in these conversations with the girls without being changed.”

Deborah Ansourlian

Executive Director of Girls Inc. of Lynn

“I really enjoyed visiting Girls Inc on Friday and participating in the thought-provoking conversation. I was impressed by the interesting exchange sparked by the diverse perspectives offered by the girls and the guests.
Thank you including me. I am looking forward to other insightful conversations.”

Elena Driscoll

Participant at TLD Exchange event with Woke Women from Girls Inc. of Lynn

“What a wonderful afternoon learning from passionate and engaged young women! It was amazing and meaningful!”

Beth Tauro

Participant at TLD Exchange event

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If you have questions on how to start your personal journey towards a philanthropic life, or you want to know more about us and what it means to join the friends of TLD, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. The Legacy Dialogues is here to help you!

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