The Legacy Dialogues is an organization that designs and delivers programs that provide practical advice and tools to help people, families, family foundations, and businesses unlock their great potential in order to turn goodwill into practice. We provide programs for value-driven members to examine and reframe their purpose and their legacies in order to have a greater impact in the area(s) of their choosing related to making the world a better place.
We promote philanthropy as a way of life and help people and organizations live their legacies by helping them have clarity of purpose and guided direction in discovering effective and efficient ways to improve the human condition.

All of our programs begin with thought-provoking, stimulating, and transformative dialogues that will help members have a legacy worth living for. Like all good dialogues, they are engaging, stretch our minds, and question the status quo, and most importantly, they lead to action.


We believe that philanthropy as a way of life is the solution to most of the challenges, problems, and pain experienced in the world.
Philanthropy as a way of life means living with love for humanity. Nothing less and nothing more.

We believe that having a legacy worth living requires choosing philanthropy as a way of life (of working, of doing, of speaking, of competing, of “fill in the blank.”)

We believe that a philanthropic approach to life and work is the most effective way to achieve true fulfillment, to create strong and healthy communities, and to make impactful changes in the world.

We believe that businesses that provide the opportunity to make a difference in addition to the opportunity to make a living attract and retain the best kind of talent.

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